vwinJacaranda很高兴宣布新版的新版vwinJacaranda.公民和公民身份Aliveseries are coming for the 2020 school year. Written by practising teachers and passionate subject experts, the new series includes a wealth of resources across multiple formats designed to spark students’ curiosity, build skills, and empower teachers to teach their class their way.

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无与伦比的老师支持 - 教学

Practical teaching advice, teacher-led videos and lesson plans, designed to save time and provide inspiration and support for teachers.

公民和公民身份VC 2E教育柱
Screengrabs for Civics and Citizenship

Comprehensive coverage

Coverage of all knowledge and skills for students to question, understand and contribute to the world in which they live.

Thinking Big research projects


vwinJacaranda.learnON screengrabs (insights)

Unlock deep insights into performance

With learnON, Jacaranda’s immersive eBook, teachers can unlock deep insights into student and cohort performance.


Five new Victorian Humanities series

我们正在为2020年学年发表一套完整的人文资源,为您提供完整的包装或个人科目的灵活性 - 选择是你的!德赢官方网站

vwinJacaranda.人文Victorian Curriculum suite
  • Series Features


    • teach– teaching advice and lesson plans
    • learnON– our most powerful digital learning platform
      • 一个沉浸式数字平台,其中学生和教师已连接
      • 丰富的媒体参与和激励
      • Immediate, corrective feedback for students and an in-built testmaker for teachers to create assignments from a large pool of questions for immediate, spaced and mixed practice.
      • 结果报告的技能和内容允许学生进步的无与伦比的可见性。
    • Thinking Big research projects– creative, imaginative, collaborative activities
    • SkillBuilders– Tell me, Show me, Let me do it!

  • 格式

    vwinJacaranda.provides a range of format options to allow teachers to teach their class their way.


    learnONis our immersive and flexible digital learning platform.

    iPad app

    Trusted Jacaranda content available online and offline through the iPad app



  • Authors

    Benjamin Rood
    Matt Richardson.
    Simon Phelan

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    得到vwinJacaranda.公民和公民身份as part of the Jacaranda Digital Bundle (digital-only). This bundle provides trusted, high quality resources, at one low price to meet the unique needs of every Australian school.

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vwinJacaranda Civics和Citizenship Alive系列

ThevwinJacaranda.公民和公民身份Alive Victorian Curriculumseries is available in a digital-only format (learnON).


  • “Jacaranda is clearly written and covers all topics, skills and understandings thoroughly. The tasks also have a great range of resources to refer to and add breadth and depth to the material already included. It also allows for ease of differentiating tasks.”

    Michele Macfarlane.