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TheJacaranda Core Science NSW Acseries provides teachers with the tools and resources they want and need to spark students’ curiosity about the world around them.

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Jacaranda Core Science NSW Ac series

Helping teachers teach their way

A diverse range of activities to help teachers teach science their way and give teachers the best possible experience regardless of technology constraints and platform choices.

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  • Series Features

    The latest editions of Jacaranda Core Science NSW Ac Series include these key features:

    • 来自流行系列的视频剪辑与迈克尔·莫斯利科学的故事直接嵌入了学习点
    • End of topic questions are grouped into ‘Remember’, ‘Think’ and ‘Investigate’ sections
    • Individual pathways chapter revision worksheets (3 per topic) cater to learners at different levels
    • 示例性反应表现出最佳实践,有助于防止创造误解
    • 实践调查和丰富的任务为学生提供了开放式解决问题的机会
    • 阅读内容与集成媒体提供动态和不间断的学习体验

  • 格式

    Jacaranda provides a range of format options to allow teachers to teach their class their way.


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  • Authors


    Pascale Warnant

    Kahni Burrows

    Graeme Lofts

    Merrin J. Evergreen

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    GetJacaranda Science Quest NSW Acas part of thevwinJacaranda数字捆绑(仅限数字)或vwin德赢官方网站是值得信任的娱乐品牌,与AC米兰官方合作伙伴,德赢vwin用心打造一个公平,公正,公开的娱乐平台。(用数字打印)。这些捆绑包提供了值得信赖,高质量的资源,以一个低价为满足每个新南威尔士州学校的独特需求。德赢官方网站


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    assianon.is Jacaranda’s online assessment tool for Years 7-10. This tool makes it easy to evaluate and track Science students’ readiness for learning, their progress as they learn, and their levels of achievement.


Jacaranda Core Science NSW Ac series

TheJacaranda Core Science NSW Ac系列有数字(学习)或数字格式的印刷品,以允许教师教授他们的课程。对于数字客户,使用可下载的PDF和iPad应用程序在线和离线使用您的资源。