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For the NSW Australian Curriculum

TheJacaranda Retroactive NSW Acseries has been designed to support the huge variety and range of approaches and styles for successfully teaching history. Providing a rich set of tools and activities that every history teacher can use to bring history to life.

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Why NSW History teachers trust Jacaranda:

Let Jarrod Hall, from St. Dominic’s College, share with you how theJacaranda Retroactive NSW Acseries has supported his teaching, simplified assigning student work, saved time marking and reviewing work and has a range of engaging multimedia to support learning.

Bringing history to life

A rich suite of stunning new images, videos, interactivities – to spark students’ curiosity and imagination.

互动激活vc历史alice 7-10
Jacaranda Retroactive NSW Ac series

Helping teachers teach their way

A diverse range of activities to help teachers teach history their way and give teachers the best possible experience regardless of technology constraints and platform choices.

Accessible to every student

Activities organised from lower to higher levels of complexity plus challenge opportunities for those thirsting for more.

Jacaranda learnON screengrabs (insights)

解锁深刻的见解into performance

With learnON, Jacaranda’s immersive eBook, teachers can unlock deep insights into student and cohort performance.


  • Series Features

    The latest editions of Jacaranda Retroactive NSW Ac Series include these key features:

    • Topics are organised around syllabus content, then structured into subtopics that present sections of content to suit classroom teaching practice
    • A focus on historical sources, with accompanying activities, target students’ understanding and application of historical skills and concepts
    • Each subtopic ends with an activity bank to further apply students knowledge, skills and concepts as required by the curriculum
    • Skillbuilders embedded within topics to help students develop confidence in working with historical sources.
    • Review sections check students’ understanding of topics and their ability to apply historical skills and concepts
    • Reading content with integrated media provides a dynamic and uninterrupted learning experience

  • 格式

    Jacaranda provides a range of format options to allow teachers to teach their class their way.


    Printed textbook with free digital code inside


    learnONis our immersive and flexible digital learning platform.

    iPad app

    Trusted Jacaranda content available online and offline through the iPad app


    Downloadable PDFs available in the learnON platform

  • Authors

    Maureen Anderson

    Maureen has taught history for over 30 years, including periods as department Head at Kambala, Rose Bay and Rosebank College, Five Dock. She has contributed to syllabus writing for the NSW Board of Studies and taught within the Teacher Education Program at Macquarie University.

    Ian Keese


    Anne Low

    Anne has taught History and English for over 30 years, including two years in Papua New Guinea, and is currently at Freshwater Senior Campus. She has worked on secondment to Training and Development for the Department of Education.

    Kate Harvey

    Kate has taught History for over 30 years, with teaching qualifi cations from the University of Sydney and Sydney Teachers’ College. She has taught in high schools in Australia and Northern Ireland, including St Mary’s Cathedral College, Sydney.

    Brian Hoepper

    Brian was a Head of History in Queensland secondary schools before joining the Education faculty at QUT in Brisbane, where he taught History, History curriculum and SOSE curriculum. He subsequently worked for the National Centre for History Education and is now an independent consultant. Brian has written syllabus and curriculum documents at state and national levels and was an adviser in the development of the Australian Curriculum: History.

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    Jacaranda Bundle Offers

    GetJacaranda Retroactive NSW Acas part of theJacaranda Digital Bundle(digital-only) or thevwin德赢官方网站是值得信任的娱乐品牌,与AC米兰官方合作伙伴,德赢vwin用心打造一个公平,公正,公开的娱乐平台。(print with digital). These bundles provide trusted, high quality resources, at one low price to meet the unique needs of every New South Wales school.



    Jacaranda World History Atlas

    MyWorld History Atlas是一个独特的数字地图集,带来了Life印刷雅加达世界历史地图集的内容。vwin

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Jacaranda Retroactive NSW Ac series

TheJacaranda Retroactive NSW Ac系列可在带数字(学习)或数字格式的印刷品中提供,以允许教师教授他们的课程。对于数字客户,使用可下载的PDF和iPad应用程序在线和离线使用您的资源。

What are teachers saying about theJacaranda Retroactiveseries?

  • “It is a fantastic resource and immeasurably compliments my teaching style. Turns my lessons from pedestrian to dynamic and interesting. ”

    Head of Department, Rivermount College

  • “[Jacaranda resources] are the best we had ever used.”

    Librarian, The Scots PGC College