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vwinJacaranda Geoactive.

For the NSW Australian curriculum

NSW’s favourite,vwinJacaranda Geoactive.新南威尔士州澳大利亚课程系列,已经刷新了以更新的内容,教育学和语言反映了我们改变的世界,以及与新工具一起引发学生对地理学的兴趣。

Why NSW Geography teachers trust Jacaranda:

Let Jarrod Hall, from St. Dominic’s College, share with you how thevwinJacaranda Geoactive.新南威尔士州澳大利亚课程系列支持他的教学,简化了分配学生工作,节省时间标记和审查工作,并有一系列从事多媒体以支持学习。

Unrivalled teacher support

一个完整的资源,为教师提供了支持rs in any school context – including a new teachON section with teaching notes, samples answers, differentiated work programs, school-based fieldwork and much more.



Meaningful differentiation at every stage


  • 系列特色

    这top ten features that teachers will love:

    • 所有问题集都有区分难以实现困难(级别1,2和3),以及类型(检查,申请,挑战) - 允许学生所有能力构建他们的理解,应用和高阶思维技能
    • New, customisable eWorkbook included free, with over 160 scaffolded worksheets (all with sample answers for teachers)
    • New fieldwork worksheets designed to give teachers single-period, mini-projects to build students skills without needing to leave school grounds
    • SkillBuilders to develop students’ geographical skills in context
    • 全面的互动,concept explainer videos, weblinks and online content all embedded at the point of learning in learnON
    • 每章全页地形图和相关练习,因此学生可以开发必要的映射技能(包括打印友好的PDF版本)
    • 活动和教学说明专门解决生活技能结果
    • Question sets in print and online match one-to-one to allow different or flexible teaching approaches (with sample answers for every question)
    • Clear and well-scaffolded structure, content and language with explicit links to the NSW Australian Curriculum Geography Syllabus
    • 清除每一个疑妥的学习意图和成功标准,所以学生了解他们所需要的学习,可以对自己的成就感提供反馈

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    Downloadable PDFs available in the learnON platform

  • 作者

    Louise Swanson

    Nicole Gray

    Karen Bowden.


    Kymberly Govers


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    GetvwinJacaranda Geoactive NSW AC作为其中的一部分Jacaranda Digital Bundle(digital-only) or thevwin德赢官方网站是值得信任的娱乐品牌,与AC米兰官方合作伙伴,德赢vwin用心打造一个公平,公正,公开的娱乐平台。(print with digital). These bundles provide trusted, high quality resources, at one low price to meet the unique needs of every New South Wales school.


    Jacaranda atlas ninth edition 50th anniversary edition

    Jacaranda Atlas

    这iconic Jacaranda Atlas is available for the first time, as a hardcover atlas with a complimentary eBookPLUS so students and teachers get the best of both formats.


    MyWorld Atlas徽标

    Jacaranda myWorld Atlas

    myWorld Atlas is Jacaranda’s unique digital atlas that enables students to explore the world and test their geographical skills.


vwinJacaranda Geoactive NSW ACseries

vwinJacaranda Geoactive.新南威尔士州澳大利亚课程series is available in a print with digital (learnON) or digital-only format to allow teachers to teach their class, their way. For digital customers, use your resource both online and offline with downloadable PDFs and the iPad app.

  • Stage 4


    标题: vwinJacaranda Geoactive 1 NSW AC阶段4 5E读书& Print
    ISBN: 9780730394297
    发布日期: 2021.
    RRP: $94.95



    标题: vwinJacaranda Geoactive 1 NSW AC阶段4 5E读书
    ISBN: 9780730394310
    发布日期: 2021.
    RRP: $54.95

    读书is the digital platform for students and teachers. Teachers get access to a bank of additional support resources – free!

    More sample chapters are available for this title


    vwinJacaranda Geoactive 1 NSW AC阶段4 5E
    主题1:地理世界 Topic 12: Water in the world
    Topic 2: The diversity and formation of landscapes and landforms Topic 13: The value of water
    Topic 3: Valuing, managing and protecting landscapes and landforms 主题14:水资源稀缺和管理
    Topic 4: Desert landscapes 主题15:自然灾害:风和水危害
    Topic 5: Mountain landscapes 主题16 FieldWork查询:当地集水区的水质
    主题6:雨林景观 主题17:个人连接
    主题7 FieldWork查询:水路如何从源头到海上变动? 主题18:运输和技术
    主题8:达费率如何与世界不同 Topic 19: Interconnection through trade
    主题9:选择一个生活的地方 Topic 20: Connect, produce, consume
    主题10:提高逗留性 Topic 21 Fieldwork inquiry: The effects of travel in the local community
    Topic 11: Geographical inquiry: My Place

  • Stage 5


    标题: vwinJacaranda Geoactive 2 NSW AC阶段5 5E学习& Print
    ISBN: 9780730394280
    发布日期: 2021.
    RRP: $94.95



    标题: vwinJacaranda Geoactive 2 NSW AC阶段5 5E学习
    ISBN: 9780730394273
    发布日期: 2021.
    RRP: $54.95

    读书is the digital platform for students and teachers. Teachers get access to a bank of additional support resources – free!

    More sample chapters are available for this title


    vwinJacaranda Geoactive.2 NSW Ac Stage 5 5e
    主题1:地理世界 Topic 13: Changing and managing the natural environment
    Topic 2: Biomes Topic 14 Land environments: processes, change and management
    Topic 3: Biomes produce food Topic 15 Inland water: processes, change and management
    Topic 4: Changing biomes 主题16沿海环境:流程,变更和管理
    Topic 5: Challenges to food production Topic 17 Marine environments: processes, change and management
    主题6:改善粮食安全 主题18地理查询:制定环境管理计划
    Topic 7 Geographical inquiry: Sustainable biomes Topic 19: Wellbeing and development
    Topic 8: Causes and consequences of urbanisation 主题20:人类健康中的空间变化
    主题9:城市结算模式 Topic 21: Human wellbeing in Australia
    Topic 10: Internal and external migration 主题22:改善福祉
    Topic 11: Australia’s urban future Topic 23 Fieldwork inquiry: Comparing wellbeing in the local area
    Topic 12 Geographical inquiry: Investigating Asian megacities

What are teachers saying about thevwinJacaranda Geoactive.系列?

  • “遵循课程的非常有用和互动活动,并提供吸引学习机会。”

    Pacific Coast Christian School


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